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Creating Vessels That Carry Us

I usually always build my posts by sharing a story -- because it is in these stories that we find our connection and, in many ways, our longing to begin or sustain our own journey.

A story about Justin Leszcz, published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today, is one of these that gracefully shows how we can (and should) find and cultivate our individual excellence in this journey of life. This artist found his strength over time by first communing with the Earth to grow healthy abundant food for himself and his local community. From that cultivation of soil, he found his connection with clay and wood, and began his emergence as an artist and a Naturalist. The teller of his story turns the most beautiful phrase in her observation of his work, that he is creating experiences for us and our families, by producing "vessels for food” that we will cherish, and will nourish us, for generations. The words, vessels for food, conjure up vibrant images for me of so many friends and family placing the dish in the center of the table. Now his vision is his reality, and he shares it with us. I am so grateful.

This story and others like it provide grounding for the chaos and change we face today. We are all in a transition of how we live and experience life. We can feel the spinning of the Earth. The status quo is just not working anymore. We can go every day to 9-to-5 jobs to bring in a paycheck, but we need more in our life than going home to eat, watch sports or 24-7 television, and then go to bed. I am sure you have more than that in your life but know also what I am saying.

But that is not where it ends.

While there is always and often present the feeling of loneliness in a crowded room -- How do we stand out? How do we fit in? -- we are never alone in our journey. All who have gone before us and all who are yet to come are part of our DNA. We share breath, sustenance and energy with the Earth, trees, animals and EVERY OTHER human being on this living planet. This knowing of our innate connection alone should motivate our resolve to honor our individual and spiritual path -- our "human experience" -- and the responsibility it asks of us.

It is time to ask "what is my role in all of this? How can I step in to rewrite the story that I am living in a way that is not only beneficial and fulfilling for me but also beneficial and fulfilling for the community and humanity we live with and serve?"

I am not necessarily asking you to quit your job and start digging up your yard to build a farm.

  • lt may be that you are in the job that allows you to redirect resources and energy toward more sustainable and conscious practices that can help heal our ailing planet and people.

  • It may be that you make sure you and your family recycle, reduce consumption and waste, conserve energy use and/or move your home or business to solar or other clean energy system.

  • It may be that you spend your weekends and evenings as a gamechanger -- organizing for political reform, climate change, fair wages, equality and education.

  • It may be that you are right now seeding your own creative emergence and waiting...watching the signs in the Earth that the sprout is taking hold and making its way to us all.

I am so excited for each of these steps. We know it benefits us.

It is the time for all of us to dig in, to find and release promise, as so lovingly stated by Charles Eisenstein in his inspirational words and writings, of the "more beautiful world our hearts knows is possible." Please watch the video I have shared with this post on this topic.

As we work on our creative emergence story, the most important piece of it is to feel the excitement and know you ARE that reality. From there you begin to dig into the dirt, unearth the potential, and let it thrive in community -- and as your own beautiful, individual human experience.

These are the vessels that will carry us, and nourish us, for generations to come.

You are never too old, never too poor, never too encumbered, and never too jaded. We are made for these times. We are meant to be in this place, right now.

What is your role in all of this?

How can you step in to write a story that is not only beneficial and fulfilling for you but also beneficial and fulfilling for the community and humanity you live with and serve?"

[Note: If you are interested in emerging your idea or having a community or business conversation around creating a pathway toward “a more beautiful world our hearts knows is possible,” please contact me directly at]

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