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Inspiration for Aspiration

The absolute disinterest in public policy making based on democratic process, much less principle, was what convinced me to leave my job as a government affairs professional in October 2014 -- after almost 30 years in the business. It was not even representative government. It was, and still is, "we win you lose." I have not watched The Hunger Games but am pretty sure it would remind me of the bi-annual election battles for control of Congress and the Presidency, although probably more understandable, as survival is. I did not want any part of propping up a system intentionally-designed to sustain a culture of power and privilege. The costs We The People are asked to pay are much too high.

I walked away with a plan to begin a "sabbatical" journey -- to pursue a year of self-exploration, creation and re-organization for ME, to lay the foundation for a life-changing, game changing pursuit in 2017. So, I want to talk about this and what ideas and model of change have guided the creation of my new company, Phoenix Consults LLC.

To start with, I had to peel back some layers of "schmootz" to even begin to reconnect with the young idealist who got on a plane from St. Louis, Missouri to Washington D.C. in 1986. I had only dreams in my pocket that the preservation and advancement of equality, liberty, justice and opportunity for all was indeed the founding promise of a united, democratic government. I was lucky to find some of that back then and it certainly grounded my approach over the years. I am glad that I held onto the lessons taught me when I was young, and even learned a few along the way.

Affirmations* that ground me on this journey:

1. I was born ready. Ready for adventure. Ready for adversity. I am an optimist and value this as an asset on any journey, especially the difficult ones.

2. I am ready to elevate hope and possibility wherever and whenever I can. I push towards this goal and find ways to help others push towards it. I believe inspiration -- models of excellence -- can encourage aspiration.

3. We can bounce back unscathed after we have been thrown under the bus. I have been there, and know that once we regenerate a belief in our self then it becomes power, kept alive, like an eternal flame, deep within.

4. There is something in this life worth seeking -- a unique passion and purpose each of us long to share -- and my passion and purpose is to support its Creative Emergence.

5. I aim for and honor truth, integrity and authenticity, and strive to uphold these truths.

6. I am open to receive and ask questions -- to inquire deeply, and to not take my way as the only one. I would rather work to make sure others are with me than hurl arrows for what I hold to be true.

I honor and respect so many of the amazing friends, colleagues, teachers and mentors I have had the pleasure of sharing time with over the years -- my tribe. For these affirmations, specifically, I want to especially thank a wisdom seeker, astrologer, activist and visionary, Chani Nicholas, whose guidance nurtured this 2017 message.

Let's do it.

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