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                                   What is a Compassion Alliance -- how can WE be part of it?

                                          Each of us has a unique gift, or role, to emerge in reshaping a more 

                                conscious and civil society – music, dance, art, wisdom, knowledge, vision,

                             compassion, joy, love.  Each of us seeks to strengthen our personal connection to the

                        whole in common unity – family, community, culture, Nature, beauty, happiness, universe,

                        faith -- God and spirit.  Our shared story will nurture our emergent paths, as tributaries from a ONE

            source, and as bridges that connect us across a river divide in abundant, resilient and joyful community.     


    It is happening now.  Over the past decade, an exhilarating force of "creative emergence" is empowering a 

  passionate movement of collective activism and new leadership.  As we shift from a period of self interest and wealth

  creation, we enter an new era of creation, community and responsibility to the greater good.  There is no ONE leader -

 it is a movement of many at the same time.  It is disruption and chaos - but also an open invitation to new beginning.                 

 How we engage and interact with each other as part of political, social, natural and spiritual communities of systems and 

 institutions is a wide open question.  It is changing how we live and pursue abundance in harmony and balance with Earth,   Nature and the entire community of life.  As connected humans, we no longer seek only to improve our own lot, we see   how it inter-connects with the whole, and we work to co-exist. Evolution does not go backward.   


The idea to form a Compassion Alliance is intended as a call to action -- asking us to engage, guide and participate in this transformation of our future as it is being brought into being.  It is an open-heart invitation to take part in any way we can - and as we are already doing -- but with an active awareness and attention to how our action impacts those and that around us.  It is about CONNECTING visionary entrepreneurs, institutions of learning, coaches/trainers, conscious business and social investors with common purpose and communities of practice.

We see opportunity in the innovations and advances in fields of knowledge, science, technology, communication, and in our conscious human and spiritual awakening.  It is opening us up to knowing that we can and must transform beleaguered, biased systems and structures in ways that serve us better, and serve us all.    

Author, poet and post-trauma specialist, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, tells us not to worry as we face feelings of fear, division, isolation - a deep sadness - in our lives today.  "We were made for these times.  For years, we have been learning, practicing, been in training for and just waiting to meet on this exact plain of engagement."                                                                                                            

Each of us will take action when we are ready, and in different ways, but simply stating an intention to engage with 

  compassion is powerful.  Thomas Berry described the Great Work of our time “to carry out the transition from the current       period where humans are a destructive presence on the Earth, to one where the human presence is mutually

        beneficial to the planet and the entire community of life." 


                Working in Alliance provides a platform to connect and confer on how to share resources toward a 

                     community vision for a more just, sustainable and fulfilling future for us all; and to engage,

                         create and support action to maximize individual potential in community where success --

                            prosperity -- is a safe, resilient and improved quality of life for all.


                                           I invite you to State Your Intention: "I intend to engage with

                                                            Compassion in my work and in my community life."





Community Objective:  To nurture the process of Alliance as a means of connection, collaboration and community engagement.  How we do it is an open dialogue process. It is ours to create.  We are not in competition.  There is enough space for us all to operate in #ExcellencefortheGreaterGood.  


Join.  A first step is to state your intention:  We must individually recognize that the transformation of our society requires us to inquire deeply into who we are and how we thrive in relationship to the whole. By call out our own purpose and intention, we are activating and emerging others to engage, connect and support.  


Seed.  Indigenous wisdom points out that the seed is the dream of what is to be.  When we plant new seeds a new dream will sprout to spread its powerful branches.  Coming together in Alliance allows us to share information and stories to help us set forth a shared community vision, discuss how others have approached similar challenges and achieved success, and use these tools to identify priorities to guide further action.  

Emergence.  As we engage and  connect around priority challenges, we begin to emerge a specific idea or solution around the issues we care about (such as Economic and Community Growth in Harmony with Nature; agriculture and urban gardens in partnership with human and Earth health and well-being; ending systems of race, economic and gender discrimination that lead to crime, addiction and mass incarceration).  We can open dialogue in work shops, group calls, online communities to grow understanding and leverage each others unique mission and purpose.    


Partnership.  Alliance allows us to create and engage community and nonprofit projects that are responsible, accountable and replacable to maximize impact and integrity in action.  Alliance allows us to connect projects to resources and best practices.  

Who or What Mission are YOU seeking to CONNECT with?



Listen to and Sign
the Charter for Compassion

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