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Phoenix Consults

Community    Connection    Partnership    Regeneration   Resilience    Abundance  

Working across divides and in common purpose toward a "more beautiful world our hearts know is possible."  (Charles Eisenstein)


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  • Community resilience - the capacity to achieve prosperity in the midst of economic. social and institutional challenge.    

  • Creative Emergence - to seed, emerge and grow community vision and regeneration as part of a sustainable, caring economy.    

  • Human/Earth Balance - striving to forge deep connections with nature and the natural world in our cities, communities and practices.         

  • Collaborative Partnerships & Coalitions

  • Strategic Planning & Problem-Solving

  • Project Design & Development

  • Advocacy & Activism:  Grassroots and National

  • Legislation & Public Policy

  • Federal, State & Local Government Affairs


We are in an era of transformation -- disruption, destruction, chaos, division, uncertainty.  It is leading all of us to question how we can adapt, and even more so, how we can survive the disastrous consequences we face.  adequacy of our social, political and cultural systems and institutions.   Yet, we know that we were made for these times.  What is happening now must happen.  It is an awakening force.    


The vision of Phoenix Consults is one of emergence and alliance toward a compassionate, kind, healthy and regenerative future.   The idea of coming together in a Compassion Alliance is intended as a "call to action."  If we join together in common purpose, even if that purpose is to weather the storm, we are better able to navigate this churning "sea of c's" -- community, collaboration, connection, creativity, compassion.   Together we are writing a new story of the world we want to live in -- a more just, sustainable and fulfilling world in which all people and all communities can thrive.  

Because out of chaos can emerge great things.   It is up to us now to plant the seeds in the barren earth toward a renewed abundance ... an abundance for all.

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How Shift Happens

Straight from the Source

Rising to the challenge requires courage. Leadership requires us to be curious enough to want to know where people are at before we try to guide them on ways to change. While there are certainly overnight sensations, it is mostly it is about evolution and transition.

Here are some ideas on how shift happens.

I would welcome receiving your ideas. Please send me your profile link and ideas on shifting the paradigm using the contact link on this website.

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Peace & Spirituality

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